3 Canadian companies to know if you have children

Oliver’s labels

I find Oliver’s labels far superior to Mabel’s Labels: they have more designs and fonts, the designs are better, and I love their stick-eez clothing labels and the match-up shoe labels to help kids put their shoes on the right foot. They have customizable packages, so I usually get both my kids set up for the year in one order.

They also make adult stickers (curb side bin labels!) and wall art stickers, although the selection for those is more limited.

Dizolve laundry eco-strips:

Biodegradable, free of parabens, phosphates, dyes and chlorine, it comes in clever compressed laundry powder strips, thus dramatically reducing the ecological footprint of the product (less weight and volume for shipping, and no extra water). That alone would make it the perfect detergent as far as I am concerned, but Dizolve doesn’t stop there.

For every pack you buy, they donate one to a Canadian food bank, and 20% or your purchase goes to Food Banks Canada, the Sierra Club or a charity of your choice  (You can contact them to set up an account for your favourite cause if it does not appear on their list).

It comes in unscented or Linen Fresh scent. If you chose the scented product, the smell will seem very strong when you first open the package (remember it is very concentrated), but it only leaves a very faint scent on your freshly laundered clothes.

And at $12.99 for 64 loads – or a bit less if, like me, you use one and a half strip per load, messy boys oblige- it’s also very easy on the budget. There’s just no good reason not to use this product.

Boomerang Kids

A Canadian consignment shop specializing in kids’ items with locations across the country and franchise opportunities. I have saved oodles over the past 5 years, consigning things my boys had outgrown and using the credits to purchase other items. I have found Gusti snow suits and winter jackets in good shape for less than $80, and just oufitted my six year old for the summer without spending a dime.

The key is to time things right : they take fall-winter items from June to September, and spring-summer items from February to June. The other key if you just want to shop without consigning, is to go often.



One thought on “3 Canadian companies to know if you have children

  1. My first thought was “hey, of course I know useful companies and products! … Mmm… Kinder, Lucas films and the company that makes Thomas the Train!” 😆

    Good reminder for Boomerang Kids, I have two bins of winter clothing I need to bring. It’s on my to-do list…

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