About YaelU

The literal meaning of Yael (יָעֵל ) is “mountain goat”. On a mystical level, Yael conveys the idea of ascent, of a sometimes precarious journey that brings one to higher grounds, physically and spiritually. The name, as the animal, embodies strong will and patient determination. I chose the name Yael when I converted to Judaism in 2009. As a Capricorn born in the magnificent French Alps, it seemed fitting.

Long story short, this blog is a Song of Ascent of sorts. These accounts are stepping-stones on a journey “back” to Judaism, a celebration of its wisdom and resourcefulness, an indignant protest of some of its iterations. It is an expression of the hope that, as a French-born Canadian immigrant and Jewish convert, I can remember why I fell in love with it and committed to it in the first place.


What do you think?

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