Shameless fangirl praise for my new Z30

There it was, big, shiny and new, calling my name from the display shelf. I grabbed it, thinking it would probably only confirm my intended move to a Galaxy S4, but lo and behold, the exact opposite happened.

It’s been a couple of weeks now, and all of my previous concerns have evaporated: the browser is very fast, the battery life is incredible (2 days! I put it on Airplane mode at night, it must help) and, I never thought I’d say this, but I actually *prefer* the touch screen keyboard, thanks to the predictive typing feature that works seamlessly in both English and French, with no need to switch language settings. For this translator, this is unheard of, and a huge bonus.

Add that to the fact that, since Blackberry compresses data through its servers, my data usage stays well below the 1G allowed under my $60 Rogers plan, and you have a very happy customer.

Not only is it very functional as a work tool (I can reply to incoming messages from within any app, and edit MS Office documents on the go if needed), I can now get all the fun apps as well!

From a Jewish point of view, that has enriched my daily practice in a way I did not expect: for example, I have been using the super My Omer app (see link above) daily before bed, I can update my mikvah calendar anytime, anywhere, and have been listening to Hebrew lessons during my morning and evening commute (yup, I am a working mom again!)

That being said, it’s almost Shabbat, and I take my Shabbat seriously. So, even the amazing,  shiny new object of my wireless affection will get its 25 hours off.

Shabbat shalom everyone!