Pesach essentials – From checklist to soundtrack

Thanks to a flexible schedule and some help, I started spring cleaning just after Purim, so I was able to check a few boxes off on my fairly extensive list. With less than a week to go though, I need to refocus and prioritize, lest a joyful celebration of freedom will start feeling like just the opposite. To that end, I am arming myself with’s Passover cleaning made easy article, Out of the Ortho-Box: How to clean for Passover in one day, by Ruchi Koval, and focusing on the Chametz column of my nifty Pesach cleaning check list.

In short, the point is to say: Getting rid of chametz does not mean getting rid of every particle of dust in your house. Chametz is food. If you wouldn’t eat it (because it’s mixed with dirt or ended up stuck under your car seat, somehow), then it’s not food, and if it’s not food, it’s not Chametz. So if time is getting away from you, don’t fret: focus on the areas of your home where you cook and eat, do a good vacuuming of the rest of the house and enjoy your holiday. You can plan the rest of your spring cleaning over the next couple of months, whether you’re a room-by-room or an item-by-item kind of person.

Oh, and don’t forget a good soundtrack! It will add soul to your clean.

Cleaning bucket

Cleaning bucket, credits to