One is not forgotten until their name is forgotten

Source: Local Tourist Ottawa blog

Source: Local Tourist Ottawa blog

WWI epitomized the absurdity of war. Thousands of lives lost for every yard gained, and lost again, and regained. Because of that very absurdity, it is also a testimony to unfathomable courage in the midst of the darkest of darkness. Young, promising lives, cut short. Entire regions devastated beyond hope. Lest we forget.

A Jewish proverb says one is only forgotten when one’s name is forgotten. And so we inscribe names in stone, and we erect monuments to the fallen. And it brings no one back to the lives they could have lived, to the people who love and miss them, but through their name on that stone, they live on in our collective memory.

Déjà la pierre pense où votre nom s’inscrit
Déjà vous n’êtes plus qu’un mot d’or sur nos places
Déjà le souvenir de vos amours s’efface
Déjà vous n’êtes plus que pour avoir péri.

Louis Aragon – Tu n’en reviendras pas